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Changes to this policy were last updated in January 2019.

Future Changes Clause

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Although information contained on our Website is not intended to be advertising, some material may technically be considered advertising under the professional rules of conduct in some states. Landerholm, P.S. is unable to represent a client that may come to the firm for legal assistance from a jurisdiction where the material does not comply with local state ethics rules, if that client came to us directly as a result of material they viewed on our Site.


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From time to time, we may decide to share or feature articles from guest authors or third party sources. These posts will be explicitly stated as so. However, we are not responsible for the thoughts and/or opinions of these authors and/or third party contributors.


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Third Party

Certain photographs and video featured on this website were legally purchased for use from various sources and are not affiliated with Landerholm, P.S. in any way.